Backdrop – A brand transforming the paint industry from the ground up

Backdrop is a paint brand from the US intent on rebuilding the paint industry from the ground up, taking a fresh approach to each and every aspect of the traditional model and reimagining it for the current age.

“The legacy paint brands have been doing things the same way for almost 200 years, which is as old-fashioned as you can get,” they say. “If you’ve ever had a messy experience with a traditional paint can or tried to open and close a can without a specific tool, you’ve felt the pain.”

Everything from the paint can (which doesn’t need a tool to open, won’t rust, and has a pouring handle) to the colour palette has been carefully thought out, resulting in a fun and easy decorating experience.

“Let’s be honest, painting today is pretty painful,” read the website’s about section. “From multiple trips to the hardware store to tiny crappy colour cards; from messy sampling to expensive supplies—the paint industry is deeply outdated. Backdrop is here to change that—we’re making more than just paint. We’re transforming the whole process of painting.”

Sadly, the only bad thing about Backdrop is that they’re only available in the US and don’t currently ship abroad. If they ever do come to the UK, our offices will certainly be receiving a lick of paint…

Find out more about Backdrop here.

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