BBC advertises its new Dracula series with a clever billboard

To celebrate the release of its new series Dracula, the creative team at BBC have erected two billboards in London and Birmingham that make clever use of white space and bloody stakes.

While the advert may look relatively plain in daylight, as the sun sets a light at the side of the billboard casts a shadow across it, revealing the face of the blood-thirsty villain. Underneath the billboard, there’s even a box containing a sharp wooden stake complete with “break in case of vampires” sign.

“Our campaign for Dracula leaves the audience in no doubt they can expect something fresh and unexpected from this extraordinary adaptation of the vampire classic,” said Olly Harnett, creative head at BBC Creative. “Our unique campaign is one of the most ambitious special builds we’ve ever undertaken – by day, a random assortment of stakes hammered into a billboard but by night, transformed, as the Count springs to life in the form of a looming shadow.”

Dracula comes from the creators of Sherlock and is now available to watch on iPlayer.

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