Bose will be releasing three new Alexa-powered smart speakers

Bose Smart Speaker

While it doesn’t seem like anyone actually uses voice assistants like Siri or Alexa, speaker manufacturers seem to be jumping on the “smart speaker” train as fast as they can. Perhaps it’s because when consumers weigh up the options between a speaker with voice assist and one without, they’re going to go for the one that has it regardless of whether or not they’ll actually use the feature.

Bose Smart Speaker
Image courtesy of Bose

One such brand to jump on the trend is Bose, who will soon release a trio of speakers that integrate with Amazon Alexa. The main speaker in the range is the Home Speaker 500, an aluminium bodied little speaker that apparently has the widest sound stage of any smart speaker currently on the market. To accompany this, there will be two smart soundbars, both of which will use a new technology called ADAPTiQ, allowing them to automatically adjust their sound to the environment they’re placed in.

The Bose smart speakers will be available in the next few months with prices starting around the $400 mark.

Bose smart speaker
Image courtesy of Bose
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