Burger King launches a vegan Whopper that “bleeds” like real meat

Burger King is trialling a meat-free version of its famous Whopper, rolling out the new “Impossible Whopper” at 59 restaurants in St Louis.

Burger King has launched a vegan version of its famous Whopper, developed alongside California-based company Impossible Foods to mimic real meat, even “bleeding” like a conventional burger.

Christopher Finazzo, the chain’s North America president, even claimed that “virtually nobody can tell the difference” between the new “Impossible Whopper” and the original, most likely due to a genetically modified yeast that produces heme – a protein that tastes very similar to meat.

There is a difference in price, however, as the 59 Burger King restaurants testing trialling the vegan burger in St Louis will be selling it for around a dollar more than the original. If successful though, there are plans to roll the Impossible Whopper nationwide.

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