Can the new iPad Pro replace your laptop?

Tech website The Verge has put together a comprehensive new video examining the new iPad Pro and whether or not it’s able to replace your laptop.

The device has been entirely redesigned and now features a smaller bezel and a USB-C port that lets you connect to virtually anything. This, combined with an improved Apple Pencil, a Keyboard Cover, and a processor that’s more powerful than some of Apple’s own MacBook Pros, means the device has all the workings of a fully-functioning laptop. The version used in this video, alongside its accessories, even brings the total price up to $2,200 – a price tag we’re more used to seeing on desktops and laptops, certainly not tablets.

So is it a laptop killer? The Verge host describes it as a “beast” – “if a muscle car could turn into a tablet, it would turn into this,” he says. Watch the full review above!

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