Converse unveils “SHAPES” – its first genderless clothing collection

Image: Converse

Converse is making sure it’s adequately in touch with current hot topics by releasing its first genderless apparel collection. The capsule range is called SHAPES and asks the question “what if apparel was built agnostic of gender?”.

Many of Converse’s offerings are already genderless, especially the Chuck Taylor, in fact it could be argued that all clothing is essentially genderless already, but the accompanying teaser clarifies that the range is designed for body shape, using size as a reference point not identity.

The collection features five core pieces, each made from 50% recycled cotton and 50% virgin cotton, and will be available in just 4 sizes. “5 pieces, 4 sizes, 1 collection for every body” says Converse.

SHAPES will be available in Autumn 2020.

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