Déguste – A short film that perfectly encapsulates the stresses of working in a kitchen

From filmmaker Stéphane Baz comes Déguste, a short film that invites us to live through the eyes of a chef for the day.

Unlike many documentaries, which can be seen to romanticise the craft, this 5-minute film illuminates the stresses and tensions that can be found behind a restaurant’s kitchen doors.

To create such a portrait, Baz drew from his own experience as a Parisian chef. “The idea was to make an organic movie about food. I thought about the position of the cook, and how kitchen service can be an internal fight,” he says. “We wanted to create a very short and intense film […] The film shows blood ties between cook and meal. In transforming food, a chef transforms himself at the same time. Heart, blood, nerves… it’s the same material. Everything is connected.”

It was shot on a budget of 25,000 euros with support provided from Canal+ and Anaïs Bertrand’s ‘Maison du Film’ producer award. Watch above!

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