Dyson’s new Lightcycle lamp has a bulb that lasts 60 years

As it continues to push outside the world of vacuum cleaners, Dyson has unveiled a contemporary new desk and floor lamp that automatically adjusts based on its surroundings and can be precisely controlled using an app.

As well as boasting a bulb with an expected 60 year lifespan, the Lightcycle has various tech functions designed to make your life easier. Once connected to the app, a wake up time can be set on the lamp, allowing it to mimic and sunrise and gently get you ready for your day. The brightness and warmth of the bulb will also adjust based on its immediate surroundings, how close you are to it, and your reading age. Other useful add ons include a USB-C port so you can charge your other devices.

Precisely control the lamp with the Dyson app

Unfortunately, the Lightcycle also comes with a typically high Dyson price point, with the desk version retails for a rather eye-watering £449.99 and the floor light version setting you back £649.99.

Both versions are available in both white and black. Shop on Dyson.com.

The Dyson Lightcycle can automatically adjust its brightness and warmth based on your reading age and the surrounding conditions
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  1. Typical Dyson over-engineering and over-valuing and over-pricing of an over-inflated, unnecessary innovation that nobody needs.

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