Elon Musk really doesn’t like being labelled as a “billionaire”

Tesla and Space X founder Elon Musk has taken offence at the media simply labelling him as a “billionaire”, rather than an “engineer”, “scientist”, “entrepreneur” or any other such thing.

Musk expressed his feelings in a reply to a user on Twitter, who asked the question “I wonder how often Elon would rather be a physics engineer, or lead technical designer instead of having to carry the label of billionaire?”

“Ironically, the ‘billionaire’ label, when used by media, is almost always meant to devalue & denigrate the subject,” said Musk. “I wasn’t called that until my companies got to a certain size, but reality is that I still do the same science & engineering as before. Just the scale has changed.”

When another user chimed into the discussion and criticised him for hoarding money, Musk didn’t hold back, immediately pointing out that if you think it’s is a negative label, maybe it’s because it means that he’s helped support over half a million families through his various companies. “What have you done?” he signed off.

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