Elon Musk says Apple no longer makes mind-blowing products

While speaking to Kara Swisher of Recode, Elon Musk spoke about all his various businesses, his controversial social media habits, and when we’ll be able to go to Mars. Perhaps most interestingly though, he shared his thoughts on Apple – a giant tech company that could prove to be a formidable rival if they ever come to market with an “Apple Car”.

Comparing Tesla to Apple, he said: “there’s not many products you can buy that really make you happier […] Apple did that for a long time, I still think, obviously, that Apple makes great phones […] I still use an iPhone and everything. But Apple used to really bring out products that would blow people’s minds, you know? And still make great products, but there’s less of that.”

He went on to say that he wants to Tesla to have that same draw that Apple used to. “I don’t think people are necessarily running to the store for the iPhone 11. But I think with Tesla, we really want to make products that people just love, that are heart-stopping.”

While Musk has rarely spoken about Apple, he did throw some shade on the company back in 2015 when he said that Apple has become a “Tesla graveyard” because it keeps hiring all the employees Tesla fired.

What do you think – is Tesla the new Apple? Its market cap of $59 billion is certainly a long way off the $1 trillion Apple hit, but given that over 500,000 people shelled out $1,000 to pre-order a Model 3, perhaps he’s right?

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