Elon Musk wins “pedo guy” defamation case

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After a three-day trial, a verdict has been reached in the “pedo guy” case, which saw British cave explorer Vernon Unsworth go up against one of the richest men in the world. The jury decided that Elon Musk did not defame Unsworth when he tweeted calling him a “pedo guy” and that the comment was not intended as fact.

Musk deleted the tweet shortly after it was posted and apologised to the diver.

It’s believed Unsworth was seeking at least $190 million in the case, stating that Musk’s tweet left him feeling “vulnerable” and “isolated”.

“My faith in humanity is restored,” said Musk when leaving the courtroom.

“It is a pity that a bullying billionaire has been able to cast such a long shadow, and I just hope that nobody else has to go […] toe to toe with Mr Musk,” said Mark Stephens, Unsworth’s solicitor.

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