Facebook is about to roll out some major design changes

During day one of its F8 conference, Facebook has revealed it will be rolling out some major design changes to both its core app and desktop site.

Both will become a lot more like using Instagram and will shift the focus away from the Newsfeed, which has become a mess of “fake news” and random relative updates, and more towards Groups.

Facebook promises the new design will be “simpler, faster, more immersive” and will put communities at its centre. “Overall, we’ve made it easier to find what you’re looking for and get to your most-used features.” What’s more, they’ve erased that massive blue bar from across the top of your screen and replaced it with a bigger focus on Stories – something that really took off on Instagram but failed to take hold on Facebook.

“This redesign makes it easy for people to go from public spaces to more private ones, like Groups,” says Facebook. “There are tens of millions of active groups on Facebook. When people find the right one, it often becomes the most meaningful part of how they use Facebook. Today, more than 400 million people on Facebook belong to a group that they find meaningful. That’s why we’re introducing new tools that will make it easier for you to discover and engage with groups of people who share your interests.”

All in all, the design changes sound like a positive move for the social media behemoth, which has had a difficult few years through privacy scandals, the proliferation of fake news, and various other things.

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