Facebook reveals it tracks mouse movements, battery life, and more…

Today, Facebook released a 225-page document to answer questions asked of it by the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary. In the lengthy document, the social network details exactly what metrics it records about users on the platform, and the truth might startle you.

We all know that Facebook harvests as much data as possible, using the information to sell adverts in increasingly specific ways, but when you see it all written out in such candid detail you can’t help but feel like your privacy has been violated in some way.

According to India Today, as well as admitting that it tracks your mouse movements to determine if the Facebook window is in the foreground or background, Facebook said it collects “information about operating systems, hardware, software versions, battery levels, signal strength, available storage space, Bluetooth signals, file names and types, device Ids, browser and browser plugins (which is almost all of the information available on and about your device), from the users’ phones, TV and other connected devices.”

Nothing is mentioned about the company listening in to your conversations, however, and  Facebook has repeatedly denied the rumours. Is it just a matter of time?

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