Harley-Davidson unveils its first fully-electric motorbike

Harley-Davidson LiveWire
Image: Harley-Davidson

Long-standing motorbike manufacturer Harley-Davidson has come to market with its first ever fully electric bike – the LiveWire.

Due to be available from August with a price tag of just under $30,000 (approx. £23,500),  the LiveWire will be able to travel 110 miles in the city on a single charge and can hit 60mph in just 3.5 seconds. Whether or not those statistics, along with the Harley badge, are enough to beat the current market leader – the less expensive Zero S ($10,995) remains to be seen.

To keep motorbike enthusiasts happy, Harley-Davidson also have the bike a fake new acceleration sound to fill the silence an electric motor creates.

A UK release date and price has not yet been unveiled but it can now be pre-ordered in the US.

  1. 1/Too expensive
    2/Not enough milage between stops
    3/development needs more updating
    4/an electric bike needs to be able to recharge as it is going along the road
    Thats the secret to electric cars and bikes
    Get that right and you will own the future

  2. As a motorcycle enthusiast for over 50 years I think this is the end for HD. Most people I ride with do it for the feel, sound and excitement of the ride. This electric MC at almost $30 grand has to have a sound system to replicate the gas motor version! How many of you know a single person who bought a HD and made it “quieter” than the stock one? Some will say, well it’s very fast. Just how fast do you have to go? I still ride a 1975 Norton Commando MKIII that I bought new in 75 and it does 0-60 in about 4 seconds and will red line @7,000 rpm in 4 th gear which equates to 121 MPH.

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