How To Dress Well announces new album with the video to “Nonkilling 6 | Hunger”

Two years after Care, How To Dress Well has announced a fifth studio album entitled The Anteroom.

Scheduled for release on 19 October via. Domino Records, the album has been created alongside Joel Ford as co-producer and features poet Ocean Vuong on the track “Brutal | False Skull 5”.

The lead single “Nonkilling 6 | Hunger” has also been released with the official visuals, created in collaboration with artist Justin Daashuur Hopkins.

The album is “a passage into a void of pain in which no human scream can be heard, that will decompose your body in an instant,” says How To Dress Well. “It can be a great place that allows us to connect to the unknown safely. Or it can be the actual worst.”

Sounds intriguing… Check out the video above and the album track listing below.

How to Dress Well – The Anteroom Tracklist:

01. Humans Disguised as Animals | Nonkilling 1
02. Body Fat
03. False Skull 7
04. Nonkilling 3 | The Anteroom | False Skull 1
05. Vacant Boat
06. Nonkilling 13 | Ceiling for the Sky
07. A Memory, The Spinning of a Body | Nonkilling 2
08. Nonkilling 6 | Hunger
09. July 13 No Hope No Pain
10. Love Means Taking Action
11. Brutal | False Skull 5 (featuring Ocean Vuong)
12. False Skull 12
13. Nothing

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