IKEA and Sonos collaborate on two speaker/furniture hybrids

Sonos and IKEA have revealed the fruits of a secretive project they’ve been working on for the past few years – two furniture-speaker hybrids that perfectly combine the core elements of the companies.

The table lamp speaker and shelf speaker will both be shipping in August and will retail for 179 EUR and 99.95 EUR respectively, making them both significantly cheaper that other products in the core Sonos range.

That price drop will be noticeable to those who really care about their music however, as Sonos CEO Patrick Spence admitted that the sound quality of both products may be slightly less than the Sonos One. Of course, as with all IKEA products these are being marketed towards the masses, and Spence added that both companies are super proud of the results. He’s also confident that they will sound better than anything else available at the same price point.

If you own other Sonos speakers, you can integrate either speaker seamlessly into your multi-room sound ecosystem and they’ll be fully controllable through the Sonos app. They’ll also support Apple’s AirPlay 2, so you can play music from all different apps or by utilising Siri.

Image: Sonos/IKEA
Image: Sonos/IKEA
Image: Sonos/IKEA


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