IKEA has released a magnetic dial to control your Sonos system

Image: IKEA

Voice-control is all well and good, but there are plenty of times you don’t feel like shouting at a speaker across the room and would much rather use something a little more tactile.

That’s where a new remote from IKEA comes in, which lets you control your Sonos system without speaking or picking up a smartphone.

Named the Symfonisk Sound remote, it’ll let you do basic functions like play, pause, change track, or change volume. You know – all the essentials. What’s more, the dial is magnetic, so you can just stick it to the nearest piece of metal by your favourite chair.

The device works with both the Sonos-compatible Symfonisk speakers sold by IKEA and the normal Sonos speakers, and will set you back just $19.99 AUD (roughly £12 – a UK price isn’t yet available).

The little knob isn’t available just yet in the UK, but sources suggest these are rolling out globally as we speak, so keep your eyes peeled. Here it is on the Australian IKEA if you want to look a bit closer.

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