IKEA is working on a meatless version of its famous meatballs

Image: IKEA

It’s no secret that IKEA is going big on sustainability efforts, which is just as well considering it’s one of the world’s biggest retailers. Now, it’s upping its game even further by introducing a meatless version of its iconic meatballs.

The meatballs are renowned all over the globe and are one of its best-selling food products, with roughly a billion sold every year. That’s a whole lot of meat, so even eating into that market by 5% will reduce the company’s carbon footprint significantly.

The new meatless meatballs will be made from plant products that will mimic the taste, texture, and look of meat, and may be on the menu for a cheaper price than its beefy-porky counterparts.

“What we would like to do is to create an alternative for the typical meat eater that still has a craving for meat,” says Michael La Cour, Managing Director at Ikea Food Services. “Let’s say, a flexitarian that knows too much meat consumption is not always the best, and I want to do my part, but on the other hand, I love the taste and texture of meat. These are the people that we would like to create an alternative for.”

There’s no exact release date for these veggie delights just yet, but we imagine you will see them in an IKEA near you within the next year.

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