IKEA launches a 14-day livestream to help us sleep

In a rather unique marketing move, IKEA has just launched a 14-day long livestream on YouTube with the aim of helping us to sleep better.

Named The Sleep Ship, it’s essentially one really long AMSR video and features real footage of IKEA products making their way across the sea to Asutralia which two Swedish employees, named Kent and Sara, read out all the names of the products from IKEA Australia’s 2020 catalogue. If listening to thousands of obscure IKEA product names for 14 days solid isn’t enough to lull you into a thousand year sleep, then nothing will. We’ve only watch five minutes of the clip and we’re already ready for a quick nap.

“The new products aboard the Sleep Ship are on the way to our IKEA Festival of Sleep; a 12 day celebration of sleep at IKEA Australia stores nationally, promising to solve Aussie’s most common sleep problems,” says IKEA.

Try it out for yourself above.

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