IKEA’s plant-based meatballs are arriving this summer

Image: IKEA

Speaking to The Verge, IKEA has confirmed that its plant-based meatballs will be arriving in 290 of its European stores this August.

The meat-free version of its famous meatball has been designed to taste like meat, but is made from a combination of pea protein, oats, apples, and potatoes, all of which results in a climate footprint that’s 96% smaller than its meat equivalent. Given that over a billion meatballs were sold last year, if a chunk of those customers switch to the plant-based version that’s going to be a significant cut to the company’s carbon footprint.

The move is part of a wider push for the company to be climate positive by 2030, which would mean it removes more carbon from the atmosphere than it emits – a huge goal for such a huge retailer. Of course, food is a small element of the overall plan, which involves using biofuels for shipping, manufacturing using recycled materials, and much more…

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