Instagram denies limiting your post reach to 7% of followers

Image: Pixabay

Instagram has struck back at recent claims that it limits post reach to just 7% of followers, calling the assertions nothing more than “copypasta” with no evidence to support them.

Taking to Twitter, the Instagram team said: “We’ve noticed an uptick in posts about Instagram limiting the reach of your photos to 7% of your followers, and would love to clear this up […] What shows up first in your feed is determined by what posts and accounts you engage with the most, as well as other contributing factors such as the timeliness of posts, how often you use Instagram, how many people you follow, etc […] We have not made any recent changes to feed ranking, and we never hide posts from people you’re following – if you keep scrolling, you will see them all. Again, your feed is personalized to you and evolves over time based on how you use Instagram.”

While Instagram denies suppressing post reach, it does seem like posts have been reaching less and less followers over the past few years. This, coupled with an increased push to get people to pay to promote their content, has led to some dissatisfaction among users.

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