Instagram is going to test hiding “Likes” for US users

Image: Pixabay

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has revealed that the social network will begin testing hidden likes in the US this week.

The tests began in Canada earlier in the year and are part of a wider move by the photo sharing platform to put a focus back on the images, instead of becoming a popularity contest. It’s also been suggested that removing the like count will help the mental health of Instagram users, many of whom feel inadequate after comparing themselves to the seemingly “perfect” lives on influencers.

Users with their like count hidden will still be able to reveal how many likes their photo or video has received for themselves, but overs will not be able to see the like count.

It’s important to note that this is still heavily in the testing phase and will not be rolled out across the US yet, although influencers and other figures who rely on the platform for their income have criticised the move, saying the like count is an important part of attracting advertisers.

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