Instagram might be introducing (much) longer videos

If the Wall Street Journal is correct, Instagram could be planning to massively extend the current one-minute maximum length for videos, instead allowing users to share long-form clips of up to an hour.

The move could be part of Facebook’s ongoing plan to take on YouTube, offering creators a new way to reach their legions of fans. Although it would be a dramatic change from what we’re used to with Instagram, it may well work as YouTube’s creators have long been complaining about its lack of monetisation options, its inability to communicate with its users, and constantly changing algorithms that can have a huge effect on a creator’s income. If there was another viable platform offered to them, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see some major players jump ship.

According to the Journal, however, the new feature would focus on “vertical video”, offering something totally different to YouTube and fitting more inline with its current Stories, which are presently limited to 15-seconds. According to Instagram, as of last November Stories had over 300 million daily active users, many of whom would no doubt be happy to see the introduction of longer videos.

Instagram is rumoured to be speaking to content creators and publishers currently to see if the move would be viable. Stay tuned for more information.

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