Kelsey Grammer and Kristen Bell star in “Like Father” – Watch the Trailer

Here’s the first trailer for Like Father, a new indie film from Netflix and directorial debut from debut of Lauren Miller Rogen (who also happens to be Seth Rogen’s wife).

It tells the story of a workaholic woman (played by Kristen Bell) who, after getting jilted at the altar, gets incredibly drunk and decides to spend what was meant to be her honeymoon cruise with her estranged father (Kelsey Grammer). “The two depart as strangers, but over the course of a few adventures, a couple of umbrella-clad cocktails and a whole lot of soul-searching, they return with a renewed appreciation for family and life,” says Netflix.

Co-stars include Seth Rogen (of course), Brittany Ross, Zach Appelman, Danielle Davenport, Lenny Jacobson, Wynter Kullman, and Brian McCarthy.

Like Father will hit Netflix on 3 August.

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