Kendrick Lamar speaks about white fans using the N-word

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar has expressed his feelings about his white fans using the N-word. Speaking to Vanity Fair, he said:

“Let me put it to you in its simplest form. I’ve been on this earth for 30 years, and there’s been so many things a Caucasian person said I couldn’t do. Get good credit. Buy a house in an urban city. So many things  — ‘you can’t do that’ — whether it’s from afar or close up. So if I say this is my word, let me have this one word, please let me have that word.”

Last month, Kendrick Lamar interrupted a white fan who rapped the N-word on stage after the musician invited him up. Lamar ended up stopping the music during the performance at Hangout Fest in Alabama and asking “Aren’t I cool enough for you? What’s up, bro? […] You got to bleep one single word”. The fan replied: “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I do it? I’m so sorry… I’m used to singing it like you wrote it.” You can watch a video of the incident below:

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