KFC is testing vegetarian fried chicken recipes in the UK

Image courtesy of KFC

There’s no denying that vegan and vegetarian diets are on the rise. In the UK, the number of people identifying as vegan has increased by 350% in the past decade, while fast-food app Just Eat named veganism a top consumer trend in 2018 due to a 94% increase in “healthy food ordered.”

It makes sense then, that one of the UK’s biggest fast-food chains, KFC, jumps on board before it’s too late. The purveyors of fried chicken have finally been testing out “plant-based fried chicken” at some of its UK locations, hoping to have perfected the recipe by the end of this year so a new vegetation option can be rolled out in 2019.

This will be welcome news for the vegetarians out there, many of whom have been trying to get meat-loving chains like this to adopt a more vegetarian stance for decades. Of course, it’s only once the bottom-line starts to be effected that they start to listen, but better late than never!

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