King Krule’s moody music video for “Biscuit Town”

King Krule has worked alongside directorial duo cc. WADE (Michael and Paraic Morrissey) for a film noir inspired video for “Biscuit Town”, which comes from his 2017 critically-acclaimed album The Ooz.

To create the video, the duo pulled inspiration from the work of Italian photographer Matteo Mezzadri, creating a miniature city for Krule to inhabit. Speaking to WeTransfer Krule (real name Archy Ivan Marshall) said the video perfectly syncs up to the song. “In the song there’s an idea of chasing down a drug dealer or something and not being able to get through to them,” he said. “There was this constant pressure in the video where it’s like … It’s hard to explain I guess. Basically the video matches up with the aesthetics and the character of the song.”

You can watch the video above.

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