McDonald’s continues to clean up its image by turning billboards into “Bee Hotels”

Image: McDonald’s

McDonald’s is clearly keen to rid itself of its junk food images, whether that’s through sponsoring the Olympics or airing adverts that promote its “real ingredients”. In Sweden, it’s gone a step further, working alongside advertising firm JCDecaux to turn billboards into hotels for bees.

30-percent of the wild bees in Sweden are currently under threat, predominantly because they do not have adequate resting areas. Losing these bees would have disastrous effects on both nature and our economy, resulting in smaller crop yields and reduced biodiversity. McDonald’s says these hotels are a way for it to give back to the creatures, from one food provider to another.

The first six of these hotels can be found in Järfälla outside Stockholm, where the back of six large billboards have been used. Each faces south, as this makes the bees more comfortable. If everything goes well, McDonald’s Sweden and JCDecaux will expand their chain of bee hotels in early 2020, after all, the company is “big enough to make a difference”.

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