Meet Dan Mancina – A Blind Skateboarder

Red Bull has released a short film featuring Dan Mancina, an incredible skateboarder who, despite losing 95% of his sight, has managed to continue skateboarding. “Prepare to be amazed, as we meet up with a skater who lost his vision, but never his passion,” says Red Bull.

At a young age Mancina was told that something was wrong with his vision. From that point onwards, his sight deteriorated a little more each day until, eventually, he woke up with just 5% of his sight. After setting aside his skateboard and trying to deal with the immense anxiety, fear and depression that came with losing his sight, Mancina gained a little more confidence filmed some clips messing around, doing things most people assuming blind people are unable to do – one of which was skateboarding. “He posted the clip, it went viral, and he hasn’t put his board down since,” says Red Bull.

Watch the video above.

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