Miley Cyrus will star in Black Mirror Season 5

Miley Cyrus has just confirmed she’s featuring in season five of Netflix’s dystopian series Black Mirror.

Speaking on the Howard Stern’s Sirius X show yesterday, pop star Miley Cyrus confirmed that she would be featuring in season five of Netflix’s dystopian series dystopian series Black Mirror.

Obviously everything surrounding the upcoming episodes is highly confidential, and Cyrus even said she was unable to even mention the series name or her role. When Stern asked if she was involved in the show, however, she nodded her head and eventually added that the episode she stars in was filmed in South Africa and her role had “a lot of dimension to it.”

There’s still no release date for Season 5, although it’s rumoured to be dropping on 28 December, just in time to watch while you slowly burn off those Christmas calories. Some of the episodes are also rumoured to have an interactive choose-your-own ending element to them.

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