Morrissey discusses his diet, says “vegans are superior beings”

Morrissey has long been outspoken on the issue of animal rights, even walking off stage once because he could smell burning meat, now he’s discussed his views on diet further and stated that “vegans are actually superior beings”.

He added that he doesn’t consider himself to be vegan, vegetarian or carnivorous, but rather has a different diet entirely.

“I’m just me. I refuse to eat anything that had a mother, that’s obvious,” he said during an interview with Fiona Dodwell on Tremr. “I’ve always found food to be very difficult because I only eat bread, potatoes, pasta and nuts… all stodge. I can’t eat anything that has any flavour. I’ve never had a curry, or coffee, or garlic […] I’m absolutely hopeless when I’m handed a menu in a restaurant. I go directly to the Kiddie’s Meals. If I find baked beans then the night is a huge success. If you ever bring me out to dinner it’s important that you also bring a toaster.”

He goes on to talk about a television documentary he saw about a duck farm in England. “The TV presenter said ‘Ooh they’re so cute, they’re so beautiful, oh look, look at their little faces,’ and then she turned to the camera with a straight face and said matter-of-factly ‘the chicks will be allowed to live for 8 weeks and will then be slaughtered’ and I thought, wow, people really ARE utterly stupid, aren’t they?”

You can read the full interview over on Tremr.

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