NASA announces plans to return to the Moon

Following President Trump’s Space Policy Directive-1, NASA has released a short video outlining its hopes to once again return to the moon. If these plans come to fruition, it will be the first time humans have stepped foot on the surface of the moon in 60 years.

“It’s time we take the next great leap. We’re building the next chapter of American exploration, returning to the moon, to stay, so we can go beyond, to Mars, to expand what’s possible and expand our understanding” says narrator Mike Rowe in the visuals. “We are training, testing, pressing our pioneering spirit into every component. Defining our resolve with every line of code […] This is not hypothetical. This is not about flags and footprints. This is about sustainable science and feeding forwards the advancement of the human spirit.”

The video is made up from a variety of renders and archive footage and ends with the dramatic line “We are NASA and after 60 years, we are just getting started.”


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