Natural Cycles is an app that’s drastically changing the world of contraception

Natural Cycles is a revolutionary new app that’s shaking up the world of contraception, offering women a natural option that helps them to better understand their reproductive cycle.

It works in combination with a basal thermometer, which is used to measure the temperature under the tongue most mornings (at least five times per week). Once this data’s been put into the app, its intelligent algorithm will show either a green day or a red day. Green days being those on which you can have unprotected sex, while on red days or use a condom to avoid pregnancy.

A study of 22,785 women through a total of 224,563 menstrual cycles found that with typical use, the app showed a 93 percent effectiveness rate. That means that 7 women out of every 100 will become pregnant during one year of use, either due to wrongly attributed green days, having unprotected sex on red days, or the failure of the contraceptive method used on red days. To date, Natural Cycles is the only app to be cleared by regulators in the US and Europe for use as a contraceptive.

Natural Cycles

As well as being highly effective, this more personalised approach to contraception also enables women to better understand their unique monthly cycle – including when they ovulate and when they are and are not fertile. So, when the time is right, women can also use Natural Cycles to help them plan a pregnancy. According to the company, 20% of women who use the app are doing so to help them get pregnant.

“Our goal is to give women the knowledge they need to take control over their fertility and, ultimately, their health,” says Natural Cycles.

For more information or to download the app, visit the Natural Cycles website.

This article is sponsored by Natural Cycles.

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