Netflix celebrates “Strong Black Leads” in new commercial

Just a few days after it fired its PR chief, Jonathan Friedland, for using the N-word at work, Netflix has debuted a new commercial which showcases its commitment to the “strong black lead”.

The spot is titled “A Great Day in Hollywood” and is inspired by “A Great Day in Harlem” – a moment that captured the spirit of New York City, the center of the jazz world, in 1958 at a time that was considered the “golden age of jazz”.

47 of Netflix’s top actors, producers and directors star in the spot, which features Stranger Things star Caleb McLaughlin as the central narrator and was created by Netflix’s in-house Strong Black Lead Team.

“This is a new day. Built from the ground, broken by legends. A day for our generation to see untold experiences of our blackness, representing a limitless range of identity,” he says. “We stand up on any stage, and every screen. A day when black women are boldly the lead character, whether inmates or scholars. We’re not a genre, because there’s no one way to be black.”

Watch above.


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