Nike unveils its first ever yoga collection

Many athletes use yoga as their “secret workout weapon”, so it makes perfect sense for sportswear giant Nike to make a move into the market, releasing a collection that’s perfect for everyone from skateboarders to sprinters.

Due to debut this month, the the Nike Yoga Collection from Nike Training features pieces designed to offer ease of movement, versatility and support “whether you’re mastering handstands or just doing it for the savasana.”

“Sometimes I’ll spend eight hours just skating ’round the city, maybe trying a trick —the same trick — for two hours straight. Then I wake up the next day super-sore and restricted in places. Or I can’t try a trick because my hip or groin is too tight,” said skateboarder Korahn Gayle. “But after doing yoga, I’ll feel way freer and I can let my body flow how I want it to on a skateboard.”

Image: Nike

As if we need convincing on the health benefits of yoga, the Ryan Flaherty, Senior Director of Performance at Nike, has also put together five reasons all athletes should add yoga to their training regimen:

5 Reasons Every Athlete Should Add Yoga to Their Training Regimen:

  • Yoga shifts the nervous system from a sympathetic (active) to a parasympathetic (resting) state, allowing you to eventually find calmness even during an intense workout.
  • From improving coordination to bettering balance, yoga’s movement patterns can transfer to sharper skills on the court or field.
  • Its low-impact poses boost blood flow and rapidly reduce recovery time, so your muscles can repair and rebuild more effectively than if you were to couch your recovery day.
  • Typical yoga workouts fluidly move you through poses that increase your range of motion and flexibility — key athlete needs — better (and more fun) than simply stretching.
  • Yoga teaches you the ability to control your pelvis, which is a key foundational component to high-performing athletes of any sport.
Image: Nike
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