Nike’s “Just Do It” tops survey of most memorable advertising slogans

Nike's "Just Do It" tops survey of most memorable advertising slogans

According to a survey carried out by creative communications agency Sparkloop, Nike’s “Just Do It” is the most memorable advertising slogan in the world, with 44 percent of the one thousand participants adding that it “made them feel either happy, inspired or motivated”.

Both Tesco and McDonalds also have this ability to emotionally connect with consumers through advertising, with both “Every Little Helps” and “I’m Loving It” remaining prominent in consumer’s minds.

“Successful brands, like Nike, have something very much in common. Although they initially focus on their product or service, they work hard to create a brand movement, attracting a key demographic, who believes in the brand’s values, culture and communications,” said Gayle Carpenter, the managing director of Sparkloop.

Of course, Nike’s slogan doesn’t have a happy origin story – it was actually inspired by American murderer Gary Gilmore, who said “Let’s do it” shortly before he was executed by firing squad at Utah State Prison. Somehow, the folks over at Wieden+Kennedy managed to transform that into an incredibly inspiring message for millions of people all over the world.


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