Nirvana is suing Marc Jacobs for its smiley face design

According to TMZ, ’90s grunge band Nirvana is suing Marc Jacobs for its Bootleg Grunge t-shirt and sweatshirt, both of which come from the wider “Bootleg Redux Grunge” collection and feature yellow smiley face designs with the eyes replaced with “M” and “J” with the word “HEAVEN” above. The design is distinctly similar to Nirvana’s original smiley face logo and uses the same Onyx typeface as the band.

The original smiley face design has been trademarked by Nirvana since 1992 and is believed to have been drawn by Kurt Cobain for the band’s Nevermind release party in 1991. It’s been used regularly by the band for the past 30 years and has become a recognisable symbol worldwide.

Marc Jacobs is yet to comment on the lawsuit.

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