PewDiePie hits 80 million YouTube subscribers


After a long and intense battle with music video channel T-Series, gamer PewDiePie has held onto his crown as the king of YouTube with 80 million subscribers.

This milestone marks a huge level of growth for PewDiePie over the last 12 months, having grown from 60 million subscribers in January 2018. Prior to the rivalry with T–Series, his channel’s growth had significantly slowed down, hovering between 50 million and 60 million subscribers for quite a while. After informing his followers of the battle, he had rocketed to 70 million fans by November 2018 and then continued to add another 10 million in just 6 weeks.

A channel of this size certainly doesn’t come without its difficulties however, as with great powers comes great responsibility. In the last few years, PewDiePie has repeatedly come under fire for remarks and actions deemed antisemitic. Despite denying any wrongdoing, the YouTuber, real name Felix Kjellberg, reportedly garnered a loyal far right following for his actions.

  1. His following isn’t far right. I should know I myself am a liberal and many people I know like him. The media however likes to portray him as far right.

  2. Please can you explain to me how he has a ‘loyal far right following’

    How about publish the huge amounts of money he has raised for charity, and getting people into reading more books!?

    Yeah he isn’t perfect, but yet no one is!

    Clearly you have nothing nice to say about him.. the 9 year old army shakes their head at you!

  3. Can you please support your claim of him having a “far right” following? I see media outlets claiming this without anything to support it. I’m genuinely interested in your response.

  4. Why dors everyone hate pewdiepie? He have done alot of misstakes some worse then others.
    But he have always accepted his misstakes and apologised for what he did in a sufficient manner.
    He is an entertainer, and when you do stuff like he does you do sometimes pass the line, with or without purpous with content to make new stuff.
    Also to trow fans from across the world under the buss and call them far right is quite honestly a “dick move”. We all know that some fans will have far right wievs but its not becaus he’s catering for a uproar like offen sadly the media makes it slund like.
    And i feel that the guy should be able to get a break from getting blasted by the media. I had one instance where a teenager was talking to a friend about piewdiepie, and anadult came over and chamed him for watching piewdiepie, and spreading nazism, raceism and anti-siemetic views. When people dont know what he does make videos about and all the good stuff he’s done.
    Nobody is perfect and we all do misstakes.
    With as big of a presense he have, sadly nothing gets overlooked and with media using him for clickbate and spreading hate to common people who have no interest in his cobtent hear all the bad stuff media hits him with. Some more valid then other but he always always tries to better himself to not do the same stuff twice.

    Hope some people who came in here read this and got a different view on the case. Caus frankly i dont agree with some of his views and hes not a far right, where he stands is in center right somewhere. He’s getting tierd of constant lash i mean who would not. If whatever you do is turned negativly and all the good you try to do gets overlooked.

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