Prada pledges to be “fur-free” by 2020

Ecologically friendly and ethical production methods are not only good for the environment and animal well-being, but brands are also learning it’s good for business. As consumers become increasingly concerned with how and where their clothing is produced, manufacturers are doing their best to stay ahead of the curve and show they’re doing their part.

The latest to join the movement is Prada, who announced its subsidiary labels will no longer use animal fur in the creation of clothing, footwear or accessories. The company has apparently been talking with the Fur Free Alliance (FFA) for over a year now and has committed to this “social responsibility”.

“Focusing on innovative materials will allow the company to explore new boundaries of creative design while meeting the demand for ethical products,” said Miuccia Prada. Furthermore, instead of burning the already-existing fur goods, Prada will sell existing items with fur “until quantities will be exhausted.”

The Fur Free Retailer Program now boasts over 1,000 companies. This shows “that this global movement is gaining momentum fast,” said Joh Vinding, FFA Chairman. “It’s very unlikely that fur will ever return as an acceptable trend. This is a great day for animals!”

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