Pro snowboarder John Jackson shows us around his van/home

Red Bull has released a short new (vertical) video giving us a little look around pro snowboarder John Jackson’s custom home-on-wheels.

The van has been kitted out with everything Jackson needs to enjoy life to the fullest – including roof storage for fire wood, an oven, a bed, a place to keep all his fishing rods and snowboards, and an awning outside to make the most of the beautiful views. The best part – he can travel the world constantly in search of the best powder.

“The Raff Raff lets me travel around and live how I wanna live and get to my favourite spots and go snowboarding,” he says. “What more can you ask for? Going out and being in the wilderness and doing what you love, and then coming back to your home in the parking lot. There’s nothing better than that.”

Watch the video above.

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