Reddit CEO shares his favourite subreddits

While subreddits can be the perfect place to both share your passion and find new memes (or share your passion for memes), given there are endless thousands of them it can be pretty hard to locate the gems. As such, Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman is here to give us a push in the right direction through “the front page of the internet”.

Speaking at the Cannes Lions advertising conference, he revealed two of his personal favourites, and those are:

  • Wholesome Memes – “It’s just people saying nice things to each other. It’s really nice, when you’re otherwise inundated with angry politics…to just go to a place that’s peaceful.”
  • Cross Stitch – “I’m not into needlework myself, but there is something really endearing about watching people who are just getting into cross-stitching, sharing their shitty little things, and the pros showing their awesome stuff… the sharing of feedback. “
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