SpaceX will begin offering commercial flights in 2021

Image: SpaceX

The space race is heating up once again as NASA, Virgin Galactic and SpaceX all compete to be the first to offer commercial flights into low Earth orbit. Currently, SpaceX appear to be leading the charge, announcing today that they intend to be taking customers into space as early as 2021.

The news came from SpaceX Vice President of Commercial Sales, Jonathan Hofeller: “We are in discussions with three different customers as we speak right now to be that first mission. Those are all telecom companies,” he said, speaking at the APSAT conference in Indonesia. “The goal is to get orbital as quickly as possible, potentially even this year, with the full stack operational by the end of next year and then customers in early 2021.”

Exactly how much a flight will cost is yet to be announced, but expect it to be well into the millions.

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