The new Apple AirPods

Apple clearly isn’t done with surprise product launches, as today it revealed the second generation of its incredibly popular AirPods.

The wireless headphones look much the same as the first generation, but now come complete with a wireless charging case, improved battery life, an H1 chip, and support for “Hey Siri” commands without pressing a button.

Additional benefits include better mic clarity, faster connection times when switching between devices, support for Bluetooth 5, and a 50 percent increase on talk time.

Apple’s second generation AirPods (Photo: Apple)

The benefit of wireless charging will cost extra however, setting you back £199 as opposed to the £159 price for the new AirPods with the standard case. If you want to keep your first generation AirPods but buy a new wireless charging case, they’re available for £79.

See more details on Apple.


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