The trailer for Michel Gondry’s new series “Kidding”

A new trailer has been released for director Michel Gondry’s new series Kidding, which stars Jim Carrey in the lead role as Jeff, aka Mr Pickles – a children’s entertainer who’s life begins to implode when he struggles with his own identity.

“The idea of identity, the search for identity of who you are; what’s an authentic person has always been attractive to me,” said Carrey, according to Deadline. “The idea of being hit by a freight train in life and hanging on to the idea of yourself, that’s really attractive.”

“The only hope of cutting through the clutter these days; you have to go bigger than everyone else or you’re lopping ten heads off per episode or you hit a nerve and touch people in a place that’s real,” he added. “Because nothing gets to the back row like the truth. If the truth is in there, people will be interested. They want to see themselves, they want to see their own truth.”

Kidding premieres on Showtime on 9 September 2018.


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