Venice will start charging visitors €10 to enter the city

Image via Pixabay

In an attempt to fund the slowly sinking city, it’s been announced that day trippers will now be charged between €2.50 and €10 to enter Venice, depending on the time of year.

The tax was approved by the Italian parliament and will help fund the clean up of the city. “The arrival tax is now law,” said Luigi Brugnaro, the mayor of Venice. “We will establish a balanced and shared regulation that protects those who live, study and work in the territory.”

Venice has long struggled with the huge influx of tourists – as many as 30 million a year – many of whom arrive by cruise ship and stay for just half a day. The city’s 55,000 residents have also complained tourism has eroded their quality of life.

It’s still unclear when the tax will start being applied or how it will be collected, but it’s speculated that transport companies will be required to collect it as part of a ticket price and will then pass the proceeds to the city. The tax will not apply to visitors who have a hotel booked within Venice.

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