Versace unveils “longest ever” ad image featuring 54 models

Highlighting its focus on diversity and inclusivity, Italian luxury fashion brand Versace has unveils the “longest ever” ad image as part of its wider “The Clans of Versace” campaign.

The image, which features 54 models including Gigi and Bella Hadid and Gisele Fox, was shot by the renowned American photographer Steven Meisel.

“My team doesn’t just extend to my work team,” said chief designer Donatella Versace in a press release. “The Versace Clans are made of all members of the Versace family – from customers to models, fans, photographers, stylists, friends, artists and all who believe that staying relevant means moving forward and making your voice heard – all who believe that fashion is not a way to just say ‘look at me’ but rather ‘look at me, I have something to say.'”

Versace’s tweet above scrolls across the entire image.

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  1. Hello I like Versace, it’s one of my favourite designer brands i am from Congo RDC one day i will save money to buy a Versace shirt or dress.

    Thank you.

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