Virgil Abloh responds to plagiarism critique


Speaking to Vogue recently, designer Virgil Abloh addressed the subject of plagiarism – something he has been accused of for much of his career.

His comments are especially relevant at the moment as Abloh’s brand Off-White are suing bracelet company Rastaclat for its use of quotation marks and red zip-ties.

“That way of designing — to develop everything from zero — comes from a different time,” he said. “For me, design is about whatever I find is worthy to tell a story about. I don’t believe that culture benefits from the idea that this line on a piece of paper has never been drawn in this exact way ever before. My goal is to highlight things — that’s why I collaborate a lot, that’s why I reference a lot, and that’s what makes my body of work what it is.”

His comments have drawn respect from some fans, who applaud him for highlighting his design ethos and the common belief that nothing is truly original, while others have doubled down on their critique and call this a lazy was of legitimising unoriginality.

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