Watch Drake be amazed by a British magician’s lollipop trick

Canadian rapper Drake found himself completely dumfounded this weekend when a British magician asked him to name his favourite super hero, only to put a lollipop in his mouth and remove it in the shape of Drake’s answer – Batman.

The trick was performed by Julius Dein during the launch party for Drake’s new album Scorpion at a London nightclub. Drake has reportedly been following the 24-year-old on Instagram for over a year and invited him down to entertain guests, including Liam Payne, French Montana, Stormzy, Leonardo DiCaprio, Migos and Lil Yachty. “Drake has a feel for what I do. It’s less random than me rocking up to French Montana, who might not have seen my stuff before,” said Dein when speaking to BBC Newsbeat. Check out the video above.

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