Watch HBO’s trailer for O.G. starring Jeffrey Wright

New from HBO comes O.G.,  a film following Louis Menkins in the final weeks of a 24-year prison sentence. Actor Jeffrey Wright takes the lead role as the convicted criminal, who decides to put everything on the line by taking a new inmate under his wing before he gets out.

“Coming to grips with the indelibility of his crime and the challenge of reentering society, Louis finds his freedom hanging in the balance as he struggles to save Beecher,” reads the synopsis.

O.G. was directed by Madeleine Sackler, who decided to film parts of it in a real prison and even included inmates in the final cut. “The biggest challenge was figuring out how to shoot a film in a maximum-security prison, casting men who are incarcerated there,: she said in an interview. “It was challenging logistically, but also how to do it creatively, since most of the cast had never acted or been around cameras before. But at the same time, that challenge was also what made the experience of making “O.G.”…so powerful.”

Release is due for 23 February on HBO.

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