Watch how director Peter Jackson colourised 100-year-old WWI footage

A short clip has been released by the BBC delving behind-the-scnees on the production of Peter Jackson’s new World War I documentary titled They Shall Not Grow Old.

If you’ve seen the film, the results of the post-production work done on the 100-year-old footage is quite remarkable, with the team not only colourising the scenes, but also adding dialogue based on lip readings and correcting the speed of the footage – a difficult task considering everything was shot on hand-cranked cameras, resulting in multiple varying speeds within a single shot.

“To memorialize these soldiers a hundred years later is to try to bring some of their humanity back into the world again,” Jackson says. “Because they didn’t see the war in black and white. They did not experience this war in black and white. They experienced the war in full living color, so why shouldn’t we now with the technology we have turn it from a black-and-white war back into a color war again?”

You can watch the five-minute behind-the-scenes clip above and the official trailer for the documentary below:

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